"BEYOND RELIGION""Rosemary Ollison" The ARTIST beyond Religion STATEMENT and BIO

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My kind (my fellow humans) might look at my works and assume that I am an artist. The truth is my art, writing and poetry are answers to my prayers from GOD! I come before GOD unashamed and nakedly exposed. I asked HIM what does he want me to do and HE tells me what HE wants me to do and I do it! Absolutely ALL I create is a dialogue and a special dialect between GOD and me.

I am an inspirational creator of many things but the most advantageous creative ability I have received from God is “creative living”. When I am creating I am satisfied, I am free! I no longer just exist, I am alive! I do not feel worthless, hopeless, alone, sad, afraid, ashamed, guilty, down hearted, unloved, uncared for, doubtful, and discontented and the like. Above all I am able to love my Creator and my fellow humans. My experience is gratifying! I can see the real me in my works.

I have an unquenchable desire for fashion! I do not create clothing to wear, when I create fashion I evolve into that which I create. What I create is a revelation of my individuality! When I create I enter into another dimension and once returning I am in awe with what my Creator has caused me to create. When I create I enter into my paradise and become whole. I become ALL that I was created to be. To the extent that I allowed myself to create to that extent I know myself, to that extent I am free!

I discovered that writing poetry from my heart and mind elevated me to a beautiful romantic and impassioned state of being. When I read the poems, I feel like I am dancing with the words. It is like stepping out of an airplane window onto a cloud where I recline and is rocked back and forth by the hand of God while angels sing in perfect melody and heavenly air blows on me, refreshing every fraction of my being.

I am a 71 year young retired educator of "special" children for eighteen years. I have no professional training in art. My ability to create is a gift from God. My journey to enlightenment had its beginning in 1984. After ten years of keeping a daily journal of my “Constant Communicational Arrangement” with God, he directed me to draw and paint illustrations that would give me a better understanding of the words he recorded in my mind and heart. My works mirror the years of anguish I experienced because of enduring years of sexual, physical and emotional abuse as well as my continuing journey to enlightenment. My present works reflect only the joy, delight, fulfillment and pleasure I experience in living.

For the past 30 years I have spent on an average of five hours each day journaling, from which I have written three books, over 50 articles and about 400 poems. I have drawn and painted about 2000 images all with messages. I am a designer of clothes, jewelry, and crazy quilts. I love taking pictures and taking classes I credit myself as being a photographer. I have a passion for computer art. I have created over 8000 images of computer art and have 34 images published on the Internet at MOCO Museum of Computer Art. My heart is filled with music; therefore I am taking guitar lessons with the hope of one day expressing myself with music. I taken computer classes and created my own website www.gobeyondreligion.com I have been showing my art in art shows for the past four years. I have published two articles and two poems at Milwaukee Renaissance-Peace of Mindwww.milwaukeerenaissance.com/PeaceOfMind/TheArtistInUs Article—“I Found Safety and Sanity in Art” Article—“Living With My Art” Poem—“How My Family Made Me “Colored” and How Barack Obama Made Me Colorblind” and INDIVIDUALITY. Interviewed by ABEA (African American Artists Beginning to Educate Americans about African American Art) www.abea-wisconsin.org/rosemary-ollison Interviewed on Black Nouveau (TV) www.mptv.org/program/rosemary-ollison Interviewed on Radio 1290 WMCS 4222 W. Capitol Dr. Milwaukee, WI 53216

I battled emotional, mental and physical pain for 40 years. The past 11 years I have been absolutely, delightfully, wonderfully happy! I did not arrive where I am easily. It taken me 30 years to get rid of the monster in my mind; the things that robbed me of peace, joy, happiness and hindered me from living a full and productive life.

Once I looked back on my life and saw it as a waist. But now I know beyond a doubt that God was preparing me for His purpose for me. I thought that all the works I did in secret would remain undisclosed. That broke my heart and made my life seem worthless. If my works are not used for the benefit of people my life has indeed been all for nothing. But I do not believe God is going to let all the gifts he has given me to go unused. I have much, much too much to go to waist.